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What Makes A Great Web Site?   
There are 3 simple rules to follow to make sure that you have a great web site 1 - EVERYTHING WORKS: No broken links or missing pages, all of the navigation buttons perform as intended; different web browsers and versions as well as operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) all display web pages and elements differently without extensive planning. 2 - IT TELLS VISITORS EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO KNOW: regardless of how your visitors find your site, whether in response to an advertisement listing your domain name (such as a Yellow Pages ad) or through an Internet search, they will have certain information that they expect to be there, and for it to be found quickly. This includes things like your cuisine, atmosphere, location, and either what they can expect to find on your menu or even better, your menu itself. But there are also those other little bits of information that matter to some and not at all to the rest. The best way to make sure that all of your web site visitors find all of the information they were looking for, as well as a thing or two they didn't expect to find, is for your web site to contain an abundance of information. After all, isn't there a lot to say about why your restaurant is great and people should dine there? And some things are worth saying more than once. 3 - ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS ACCURATE AND UP TO DATE: there's nothing worse than having a former address on your web site, after that having out- dated or inaccurate information of any type is just really bad. If someone comes to your restaurant because he wants a particular menu item that he saw on your site earlier that day he does not want to hear that you stopped serving it two years ago and just didn't bother to update your online menu.

How often can I update my site?
As much as you want, and any time you want. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you can log into your web site's Site Administration area and update as much or as little as you need. And of course it doesn't cost anything to update your site.

Can I put my full menu online? Is there a limit to the number of menu items I can list?
You can not only put your full menu online with the Restaurant Web Site Wizard, but you can do it quickly and its even easier to update! And there are no limits on the number of menu items or menu categories that you may set up.

Will my site be listed on Google, MSN, Yahoo! and other search engines?
Yes! There are very specific attributes that a web site needs in order to attain a high search engine ranking, and let's face it, if you're not listed in the first 10 you may as well not be listed at all. Restaurant Web Site Wizard sites have all of the search engine optimization features built right in, all you have to do is fill in the blanks with things like your restaurant name, cuisine, description and a menu.

Will my site look like other Restaurant Web Site Wizard web sites?
Not unless you want it to. With the Restaurant Web Site Wizard you don't have to choose between a limited number of templates, you have complete control over the individual style attributes that make up a web site in a very easy to use manner, right down to your navigation button position, spacing, color, rollover effect, even the option to give them a drop-shadow. Upload your own logo and a photo here and there and then enter some text describing your restaurant's atmosphere and cuisine and you'll have a web site that is just as unique as your restaurant!

How many coupons can I have?
There's no limit to the number of coupons you may set-up and add to your site. Set up as many as you need - one, two, four, 10, 100; whatever you need, you'll find you have complete control. You're coupons will automatically be removed from your site once the expiration date you have set for each is reached.

How long will it take me to set up my site?
It will take 10 minutes or less to get your basic information online. After that it will depend upon how organized you are with photos and information that you want to publish on your web site. Once you have that information together it should take about 2 hours.

Can I really do it all by myself?
Of course you can! Not only can you do it all, but you'll have fun doing it and the finished web site will truly reflect your restaurant.

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