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Restaurant Web Site Wizard Web Site Features
There has never been another web service, program or even custom web site that can match the Restaurant Web Site Wizard for features, functionality or return on your advertising dollar. Every national restaurant chain has a web site they spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on each and every year – and now you can have the same or even more features for just $50 per month! The Restaurant Web Site Wizard is a complete online marketing suite that includes a web site you control, web hosting, e-mail and our revolutionary built-in e-mail messaging system.
Restaurant web site features with menu and couponsCreated just for restaurants - web sites for restaurants
There are certain pages and information that every good restaurant web site just has to have - an online menu, a map, and plenty of photos. Some restaurants might need a coupon, but maybe not all the time. Others might want a special section for Catering with a separate catering menu and photos. Others might want to list the awards they have won and display the award graphic or list glowing reviews and have the option of displaying the sources logo - you could even display customer testimonials and show their photos! The Restaurant Web Site Wizard takes a "modular" approach to web design. Not all restaurants need or want all of the pages and features we've included. Therefore, we've enabled you to drop a page out of the line-up by checking or un-checking a box within your Site Administration area. If you feel that your restaurant will benefit from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, check the box and both the page and navigation button will automatically appear on your site, un-check the box and the they are both instantly removed. This feature is incredibly useful when your updating site information - take the section offline until you have made your changes and then re-activate the section in only seconds! Click here to read more about special features just for restaurants.

The Restaurant Web Site Wizard comes with over 20 complete professionally-designed appearance profiles to get you startedUltimate appearance control over your restaurant web site
Restaurant Web Site Wizard web sites aren't templates - they are much, much more powerful! Best of all, it doesn't require any design skills at all to create a unique and striking web site appearance. Instead of having to create your own layout or select from just a few templates, the Restaurant Web Site Wizard gives you complete individual control over more than 35 different layout options, which literally give you over 1,000,000 different site appearance combinations. Everything from page alignment and background color or image to scrollbar colors are under your control. This allows to get the exact colors and layout that will best suit your restaurant. It also allows you to fine-tune or even change your site appearance completely with just a few clicks of the mouse. To get you started quickly we've included more than 20 complete appearance profiles developed using the most advanced professional design techniques. Click here to learn more about site appearance control using Restaurant Web Site Wizard.
A built-in messaging system for sending e-mail newsletters and coupons to your patronsIT'S LIKE TWO PROGRAMS IN  ONE!
The incredibly powerful E-mail Messaging System that allows you to create and send color HTML-format e-mails with menu item photos (you can even feature select menu items and include their photos, descriptions and prices) and coupons to entire e-mail lists that you can build through your web site or export from e-mail address books such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, allowing you to distribute coupons to hundreds or even thousands of interested patrons at the click of a button! Because it’s fully integrated with the rest of your web site content, such as coupons and menu items, they can be added just by selecting them from drop-down boxes. This is proactive advertising without any additional cost to you! It even includes our helpful guide to creating the perfect e-mail marketing campaign that will produce immediate results! Click here to learn more about the Restaurant Web Site Wizard Messaging System.
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