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Unlike template sites you are able to choose individual style attributes to make your web site truly your own

With the restaurant web site wizard you can even choose your very own scrollbar colors from 3 simple drop-down boxes.

Restaurant Web Site Wizard Web Sites ARE NOT template web sites. As a rule, template web sites almost always look the same and never attain high search engine rankings because of the way they are constructed and hosted. Restaurant Web Site Wizard sites, however, allow you to make à la carte decisions about both content and appearance. For appearance you have the following options, all available by simply making a selection from a drop-down box or clicking a checkbox:
  • Page Alignment (left, center, full screen width)
  • Page Height (size to fit or minimum of 100% screen height)
  • Page Background Color or Image (138 colors, over 100 backgrounds or upload your own)
  • Page Margin Width and Height
  • Page Content Outlines (select line size, style and color for each of the four sides independently or add a "rounded corner" effect on a per corner basis)
  • Content Area Background Color (138 colors, sepearate from Page Background Color or Image)
  • Header Background Color (138 colors, sepearate from Page Background Color or Image)
  • Header Border (bottom, select line size, style and color)
  • Logo Alignment and Position (left, center, right; above or below navigation system)
  • Scrollbar Colors (138 colors, select for scrollbar face, arrows and track)
  • Navigation System Location and Alignment (horizontal or vertical; left, center, right)
  • Navigation Button Spacing
  • Navigation Button Creator (138 colors, outlines, borders and 3-D effects, button text, font and color, mouseover effects)
  • Navigation Button Drop Shadow Effect
  • Text Formatting Options (four separate text areas per page; font, font size & color, alignment, text area border, border size, style, color and background color)

When using a darker background color (such as black shown above) you can create a striking appearance by adding rounded corners (shown by red arrows) to any or all of the four corners, just click the checkbox for each corner. Create interesting effects by using them only on the top or bottom.

Choose which pages you want on your site with the click of a a buttonOur Attention to Detail Makes Your Site Better!
Just like great restaurants great web sites are made so by an incredible attention to detail. For example, take the two food photos at left. The far left photo is just a regular image whereas the photo on the right has both an outline and a drop-shadow effect, which offers a more elegant approach to the same photo with just 2 clicks of the mouse! With the Restaurant Web Site Wizard

Click here to view a sample Restaurant Web Site Wizard site