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Web Sites for Restaurants   

The Restaurant Web Site Wizard is just for restaurants, with not only the web pages and features you need, like an easy to set-up and completely customizable menu and coupon. We've also built in an incredibly powerful e-mail messaging system that allows you to create your own e-mail lists, from the e-mail news subscription boxes on every page or you can upload e-mail lists from your AOL or Outlook Express/Outlook address book, and then .

Search Engine Optimization   
Search Engine Optimization is much less mysterious than its made out to be. Well-built web sites that enough information to adequately cover its topic (well written content such as company literature can be copied and pasted directly into your site) will always rank near the top. Update that content on a regular basis (Team Of One web sites make that easy as well). You'll also find built-in options that allow you to build your own reciprocal linking programs.
Restaurant Web Site Wizard Web Sites are completely browser-based, meaning that all information - from uploading your logo to entering menu items and other text to sending coupons via e-mail - is all done from your Username/Password-protected Site Administration area right out of your web browser (Internet Explorer for example). There's no software to install and you can update your web site from any computer with an Internet connection, all without incurring any additional fees.

Our easy-to-use Site Administration gives you complete control over
your web site from any computer with an Internet connection.

Choose which pages you want on your site with the click of a a buttonRestaurant Web Site Wizard Web Sites take a "modular" approach to web design. Not all restaurants need or want all of the pages and features we've included. Therefore, we've enabled you to drop a page out of the line-up by checking or un-checking a box within your Site Administration area. If you feel that your restaurant will benefit from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, check the box and both the page and navigation button will automatically appear on your site, un-check the box and the they are both instantly removed. This feature is incredibly useful when your updating site information - take the section offline until you have made your changes and then re-activate the section in only seconds!

Page Content Management - our award-winning web site content manager, the incredibly powerful yet simplistic PageMinder Content Management System gives you total control over the content on each page of your web site - from the Page Title that appears at the top of the browser to text appearing in up to four different areas/formats on each page

Restaurant Web Site Wizard sites feature unparalleled site control; and it's easy. The two graphics below show the Coupon page in a Restaurant Web Site Wizard web site on the left and the Site Administration page for Coupon Set-up on the right. Just change your settings within the Site Administration and refresh the page within your site to see the immediate changes.

Our text style section allows you quickly set and preview 9 attributes four each of 4 different sections on the
page across all of the pages within your site, giving you a consistent appearance on every page - a characteristic
shared by all high-end professionally designed web sites - now you can have it for less than $2 per day.
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